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Manufactured with Concrete

Green options also available;
including Plas-Crete and Economix Blocks containing plastic and/or glass aggregate.

Conigliaro Block manufactures blocks and installs block foundations and block retaining walls. Our products and services are perfect for fast-track, “instant construction" projects. We produce and install blocks for all types of projects including:

Segmental Block Retaining Walls

Salt and Maintenance Building Foundations

Sea Walls

Raised Septic Systems

Bulk Material Storage Bins

Retention Ponds

Solar Array Footings and Foundations

Retaining Wall

Salt Storage Shed

We offer many different sizes and types of blocks suitable for both simple and complex site requirements. Our blocks have been used to build walls and foundations from 2 feet to 30 feet tall.

We manufacture our blocks in all standard concrete strengths (2000 psi through 5000 psi State Mix). We also offer several “environmental mixes" using recycled plastic and glass ingredients (EconoMix and Plas-Crete) which are well-suited to LEED project sites.

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