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Manufactured with Concrete

Green options also available;
including Plas-Crete and Economix Blocks containing plastic and/or glass aggregate.

Services Division

Conigliaro Block’s Services Division performs all aspects of site work at foundation and retaining wall projects across Eastern Massachusetts. We specialize in fast-track, instant construction using the blocks manufactured by our Products Division. Conigliaro Block is a fully-integrated company, capable of producing and installing foundations and retaining walls in record time. We also provide traditional site work services at jobs requiring site demolition, excavation, grading as well as sites requiring traditional poured foundations and walls. If design services are required we will be happy to suggest an experienced engineer so you may contract directly with him/her to get the project off to a great start.

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Our Process

· Step 1 - Plan the excavation. We review the plans, determine our depths, plan our excavation route(s) as well as determine the tools and equipment we'll need.

· Step 2 – Call DigSafe. It's the law and it prevents injury or liability in the event power or utility lines are damaged.

· Step 3 - Deliver the equipment. Our Metrowest location is conveniently located. We’ll drop off machinery in advance and have it ready for the first morning of site work.

· Step 4 – Perform the work, including necessary demolition, excavation, grading, laying drainage pipes/structures and installation of blocks and/or foundation walls. Your vegetation and soils will be removed and/or reused on site.

· Step 5 – Remove excess material from jobsite.

· Step 6 – Job site clean up.

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